Friday, August 11, 2006


Having spent most of this week feeling ... well... crappy... pain [ take your pick] I have discovered that david and I have had the flu. We won't go into why I didn't even realise I had the flu but it tells you a lot about my 'normal' level of health.
Anyway, it didn't stop me going to patchwork / dance class[es] / teaching in Bendigo / gardening... so I probably shouldn't have been surprised that by Tuesday I was so tired that I needed to pull off the road twice on the way to Bendigo and back. Never claimed to have any common sense!
Ok pity-party over.
Today's photos are the cat basket in various stages of progress and finally felted. It was a bit of an experiment in the sense that pretty much all the directions for washing-machine felting are written assuming that you have a top-loading machine. I don't. Front loaders are fabulous for conserving energy and water but you can't 'check after 5 minutes' like the directions say. Felting gets done at a hot setting but my machine's hot programs go for over 3 hrs. Hence the experimenting. I started it of on the cotton program for 10 minutes, turned off the machine to wipe the memory and then started again with cold and the short cycle. .. and repeat. It took 2 goes before it felted up as much as I wanted it to and then 5 or 6 days to dry it. It's Sophie sized but Oakley insists on trying to sit in it to her disgust.

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