Saturday, August 26, 2006

where I live, saturday sky installment 2, and a rant

There's still plenty of cloud just hanging around producing nothing ...bludgers ... but the sun is out and the sky is blue. If it's not going to precipitate, well, then I want sun.
I've nearly fallen asleep on the couch twice already while I was trying to knit and I have to drive into town at 3pm to collect some stuff

so I got up and set the oven timer [just in case I did it again] then wandered outside to take some photos. I think I'm awake now. btw if you look very hard at the centre of the top photo, that patch of grey is my nearest neighbour's water tank. Go on, look hard and use your imagination.

Nadie is coming up tomorrow with her cats and I have promised to take her trail riding over towards Daylesford on Monday, if the weather holds.

Tomorrow is a UFO day so some of my quilting buddies are driving up nearly 2 hrs from Melbourne. I anticipate much eating, drinking, chatting and a little quilting and knitting. It's funny y'know, we've been having these stitch and bitch sessions for over 20 years and now the term has been appropriated by one lone american and all of a sudden the name is copyright and we can't use it anymore. I love it that knitters [of which I'm pretty obviously one ] have finally cottoned on to the whole practising-our-craft-in-a-public-group thing but still I have a momentary angst about the whole 'you can't call it that anymore ' issue. Tell me I can't and it just makes me want to dig in my heels all the more. Nola, if you're reading this, my memory says we started referring to the friendship group as S & B in 1985 or 6 ...right?

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Moorecat said...

It hasn't quite come to that.

It's just that places like Yahoo and Cafe Press are taking the safe road and asking you not to use it.

AFAIK, the case hasn't been heard, let alone settled, yet.

Off to my stitch'n'bitch group in Prahran tonight :)