Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Adios P-plates, a finished sock and maybe the inspiration for a quilt

Well, first up today, we have Nadie, Suki and Sumi admiring alpaca sock #1 at about 11pm last night. No promises about the likelihood of Al getting a mate anytime soon.
Had my studio class at Honeysuckle [ otherwise known as Group Therapy ] late morning which meant leaving home about an hour before Nadie went back to Melbourne, so I didn't get to see her take her first drive as a fully licensed driver, which makes it 3 years since she got her license. She says it felt 'wrong' to be finally driving without the plates on, but I'm sure she'll get used to it soon. I should've thought to get a photo of her ceremonially cremating the plates this morning... bugger.
Anyway, after class, I spotted this sweet brushed quilter's flannel that looks a bit like Rocky... so I've bought a couple of metres for ... a baby quilt ? or maybe sheets? or a nappy bag? for the Peanut.

After I got back to town and picked up david, we went for a hike up the hill and around the back of the block looking at which orchids were out, but I could only find 2 of the 4 that I was looking for. It's easy to miss something the size of your thumbnail in 10 acres of bush particularly when some of them are only out for a couple of weeks.
You know, looking at this last photo of the sun orchid [ at least that's what I think it is ] there is definitely a quilt in there. I love the textures of the leaf litter and the curves of the grass blades. Might have to climb up there again and take some more 'reference material' for Ron [ laterRon ... sorry bad aussie joke ]
Speaking of quilts, I have to admit that blogging ... mine and other peoples... and knitting have become a strategy to avoid getting started on an idea I have for a quilt. One of the quilt groups I belong to are having a Challenge as part of our show in mid-October and I haven't started it yet. Bad Catsmum :[
I know what I want to do but it's so much easier to sit in front of the idiot box with my knitting and keep David and the cats company. That's it. Resolution time. Tomorrow I start the bloody thing. What? You didn't think I was going to do it tonight, did you?

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