Friday, March 14, 2008

Free pattern Friday : Frothy Gothy Wristwarmers

just for April:

Edited to add:
I'm adding some notes at the end of the pattern to allow you to customise to different yarns, lengths, gauges etc.

Frothy Gothy Wristwarmers

based on my Garter lace Mittens

1 x 50 gram ball of any DK [ 8 ply or sport ] yarn that will yield a gauge of 22 stitches to 4" over stocking/stockinette stitch. Exact gauge isn't hugely important but close is good!

1 pair 4mm / US size 5 /UK size 8 needles

Cast on 32 stitches for a short pair - you can make them longer by casting on more. Try 42 or even 52

Row1: k to last 4 stitches, YO, k2tog,YO,k2
Rows 2 -9 Repeat row 1 [ stitch count will increase by 1 stitch per row ]

Row 10: cast off [ bind off] 5 stitches, k to last 4 stitches, YO, k2tog, YO, k2

Row 11: repeat row 10
this establishes the pattern - repeat rows 2 - 11

Repeat from** to ** until you have 5 points on each side of the garter stitch strip or number necessary to fit around wrist ending with row 10

Cast off/ bind off instead of doing row 11.

Seam long edge leaving 2 inches unseamed. This allows the lace to splay out over the back of your hand.

this one hasn't been test knitted yet - so let me know if you pick up any errors.

Additional notes:
Because these are constructed side to side , and only the last 4 stitches of each row affect the pattern, you can change the number of stitches to suit yourself, making the gauntlet longer or shorter.
Just work out the length you want them to finish and multiply by the gauge that you are getting PER INCH in your desired yarn.
If you think about what is happening, you are adding 2 stitches [ the YOs ] in each row but only decreasing once, so the stitch count goes up by 1 in each row and you get a pair of lacy holes. I'm putting 5 sets of these offset lace holes at each end, so therefore there is a corresponding pair of 'cast off 5' - one at each end - before starting again. If you look at my Garter Lace Mittens, it's basically the same pattern but with 4 pairs of holes, adding 4 to the stitch count and therefore requiring 'cast off 4'.

Most of you won't need, or want, to know how this stuff works but it's here in case you do.

and of course:
this pattern is copyright 2008 S.Iacuone for personal and charity use only.
For any other use please contact me.
Knew you'd do the right thing :]


Sheepish Annie said...

Those are awesome! Of course, I think I just heard April's head pop off...

She'll be fine. Wristwarmers are really quite soothing once you get past the excitement of it all.

Nice job on the pattern!

Robbyn said...

Thanks for the pattern; I love using garter stitch turned-on-its-side as ribbing :)

And, as it happens, I have some lovely DK in the closet!

Jejune said...

Definitely sharing this one with gothy Dotter! Thanks :D

melusine_tricote said...

Really beautiful !

karen_m said...

These look absolutely lovely! I have a bit of an armwarmer fetish and I like the feminine tone to this's a good change from all my punk armwarmers. And I do really like the sideways garter stitch....Can't wait to make them!

Melissa said...

Hi there, just found your pattern and decided to make a pair for my daughter. Is it ok to link back to you on my blog? Thanks for sharing - very nice pattern!

Anonymous said...

These are so neat! Think I will make a pair for my granddaughter.
thanks for the neat pattern.

Janet Rudman said...

Dear Susan,I would like to send a private message,is this possible and if so,how do I go about it?
Many thanks,sloknitter.

catsmum said...

Dear Janet / sloknitter
as I don't have access to your email address I've left a message for you over on ravelry

sexy said...
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Robyn-Coffee & Cotton said...

Thank you so much for a beautiful pattern. I am making them for my daughter who is attending college in Sydney. It is 41ºC / 106ºF here in Austin Texas but she tells me it is C-c-c-cold in Australia ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi there
thanks for the awesome pattern...will definitely be making at least 1 pair (probably more...hahaha!!!) for my 11 year old daughter...

Otter (SkyNorth on Ravelry) said...

WOW! Your cat looks like one of ours - fluffy ball of ginger honey fudge toffee hugs!
Just found this wristwarmer pattern -perfect for son's gf!
As she would say,'Made of Epic Win!'

J HUANG said...
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mlle. said...

i'm trying this pattern-- and am discovering that after the row 10/11 cast/bind-off of 5 stitches my next 'lace point' section is of course then smaller than the original 32 stitches across cast on. so now after my third point i have half as many stitches cast on as when i started...

i am not so intuitive with knitting, what can i do to ensure my arm-warmers do not taper, which would be cute but less useful. much appreciated!!! best, jojo

catsmum said...

dear mlle
I've emailed you privately but I assume that you are doing a second k2tog at the end of the row.
It's YO then k2tog [ ie the stitch count stays the same as the YO has added what the K2tog took away ] then another YO [ adding one stitch ] followed by KNIT 2 [ NOT Knit 2 together ]
this makes an increase of 1 stitch in each row, and then you cast those extra stitches off to make your point and to bring you back to the starting number

Anonymous said...

I just finished my first glove in a beautiful varigated liberty wool. So pleased with it! Thanks for the pattern. :)-michelle

Anonymous said...

Isn't every other row a purl?

catsmum said...

nope ... all garter stitch