Monday, March 10, 2008

Moomba Monday Mutterings

It's a long weekend here in Victoria, and what that means for me and mine is that David is kinda bored and I'm still in my jammies at 3pm on a Monday afternoon with a current temp of 36.5C or just shy of 100F. All humans and animals have been adequately fed and watered but otherwise, I'm having a day off.

We'll be going to Daylesford at 6pm because I have a Clogging class to teach...
in theory.
I'm not convinced that anyone is going to show up because there was no class last week and I don't remember whether we confirmed two weeks ago that there would be a class tonight.
Anyway, if no one else turns up we will, at the very least, have had a nice drive in an air conditioned car and a visit to the [wait for it, wait for it ]

Coles supermarket
oh the giddy life I lead :]

and as there may be some individuals possessed of an overly highly developed olfactory ability who might not deem the lingering and 'delicate' air of Eau-de-Goat-after-a-Hot-Day to be the most attractive of scents to impose on others ... and I am nothing if not sensitive to the needs of those around me ... there will be a modicum of showering-and-fresh-clothes before venturing out

and in a fairly tenuous goat related segue

Rowan and Ruby are 6 months old today

so a Happy Half-Birthday to my babies

Rowan is no longer so white - she has little spots of butterscotch on her ears and sort of a wash of colour in other places and is obviously going to be a much bigger goat than Ruby [ in fact she's currently doing a very Robbyn-like impersonation of a beached whale ]
Ms Ruby The Petite is not as red as when she was born - she's paled down a bit to that same butterscotch and white, and just recently has started to develop little black streaks near her eyes - becoming more pronounced by the day

Anyhoo, as well as playing with goats, I've made a start on the EZ Baby Surplice from that Vogue Knitting that I got last week and it could possibly go to my friend Robyn's soon to arrive first grandbaby. Once I know if she's a her, or he's a him, I'll add afterthought cuffs and the buttons in hot pink or aqua
... and IMHO it's a much simpler knit than the BabySurpriseJacket - although that could be just because I've done the BSJ a few times now and could see where EZ was heading with this one.

- there has also been some more spinning but this was semi-cheat-spinning.
Not so long ago, I was offered about 20 balls of vintage Twilleys Aztec in red that turned out to be a very orange-red and it's one of those unplied yarns that's a bit like a hand spun single. So I spun up the very last orange/white/blue bits of Mandie's roving and plied it with one ball of the Aztec just to see what would happen.
The Aztec is a bit coarse - not exactly something to just keep as a pet and to fondle occasionally.
I suppose that I shall have to actually MAKE something with it
... maybe a felted cat bed? or a French Market Bag ?

so apart from the migraine that interfered with my enjoyment of Friday night/Saturday, that's pretty much how I spent my long weekend...
some cat cuddling
minimal housework and catering
all good

[eta: as it transpired, there were three of us at class, plus Ted, the genial, elderly gent who does the music, and David who sat and watched his DVD. Jan, Karen and I had a really good workout and without any of the beginners there - much as you do need beginners to keep a class viable - we fitted in a lot more than usual
AND got to the supermarket before it closed
AND apparently Chill Out - a huge gay pride type of event - in Daylesford on the weekend, featured the Rainbow Cloggers from Melbourne. So now a whole lot more Daylesford folk know what Clogging looks like!!


Sara said...

The babies are getting big and really cute! It doesn't seem possible that they are that old and that I've been reading your blog that long!

Love the colors of the EZ sweater you are making. It will look hot with aqua buttons (or pink)...I still have not finished my EZ baby sweater. I'll get it done one day even though the baby it was intended for is too big for it now. There is always another baby coming along.

Oh, I like the bag you are thinking about making! I vote for that!!!

Glad your clogging class went well and you had a nice time in town.

Alwen said...

100 F, whew! It's freezing here (0 C), but sunny, and I'm sitting here guiltily thinking that I ought to go out and put a tap in the maple tree and catch some sap for syrup, instead of sitting at the computer.

catsmum said...

Oh Alwaen
real maple syrup?
syyyyyyyyyyyyrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuup [ you sort of have to imagine Homer Simpson when he says dooooooooooooooooonuts ]

Sheepish Annie said...

What wonderful pictures! Those goats...I just get all weak in the knees from the cuteness of it all!

April said...

Oh Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the Goatlets. How cute are they?!? I can't stand it. I want to smoosh 'em and kiss 'em and take 'em home.

Jane said...

I really hate to say this and may have to hide behind Jane as I do, but that photo of the two kids is just so cute. Maybe most kids are cute, human and animal, bit like kittens and puppies.
I really did not need your migraine so I will not over thank you for sharing it around.
However after too too many days hiding at home I do need the supermarket. The plan was a. today, b. tonight...but the eyes are really calling to be closed so maybe c. on the hot way home, but in cool car, from sit and sew tomorrow. Gets bad when the Moggie dry food runs low. NB: buy 2 boxes at least.
Hope head is better, heat is bearable and gone so and replaced with rainl...sorry goats, but you can hide.