Friday, March 21, 2008

taking it slow

there is


and grace

in simplicity

in basics

in making

in creating something purely from the work of my hands, my heart and my head

enough of the zen - my first finished object made from my very own hand spun.
Every lump
every bump
every irregularity
it's mine
and I made it

the Yarn Harlot's One Row Handspun Scarf
5.5mm needles
" knit until you run out of yarn"

this took about 214 metres

started knitting on tuesday [ march 18]
finished this morning and then washed and blocked

the yarn is slightly underspun in places so it's very soft and cushy [ but may pill like buggery but you can't have everything]


lisette said...

congratulations - well done! the colour is beautiful - very you :)

Jane/Glenice said...

Lovely photos. You will have to watch it.....I may start knitting or crochet again and you may not
inherit so much wool.

Lovely photos of your three treasures.

Bells said...

that's such a great pattern, isn't it? You just can't go wrong. Yours is perfect.

librarylass said...

That is a lovely warm looking scarf :D

Anonymous said...

Heck, wish my spinning were as lumpy, bumpy and irregular as that! That's beautiful!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Well Done! (clapping gleefully!)
Looks fabulous to me!

Robbyn said...

I do enjoy that stitch pattern - it always comes out wonderfully. And your own handspun yarn makes it even more beautiful.

Nice job, Susan!

Alwen said...

Nice! It's snowing again here, so you can email me all the scarves you want to. :)

Mia said...

great idea for a lazy kate! I might just have to make one of those scarves too.

Sara said...

It looks very lovely! You did good!

Tanya Brown said...

Simply getting to see the scarf creation at its various stages is very satisfying. There's something primal about it.

Lynne said...


Congratulations, what a wonderful sense of accomplishment you must have.

Sheepish Annie said...

It really is a pretty amazing thing to be able to say, "I made this." And really, really mean it! Lovely job on the scarf!

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous - and so nice that its all yours!