Monday, March 17, 2008

more quirky fun facts about goat husbandry

This one possibly comes under the heading of 'Too Much Information' but hey, you can always stop reading, right ?
Around 4 am on Saturday morning, Miss Rosie decided to let me know in no uncertain terms that all the medication, the TLC, the hormone shots, etc were working... and how did she do this I hear you asking?
Well, my dears, by bellowing and bleating her head off in a manner that suggested very strongly that she has begun to ... ahem... 'cycle' again.
I might not necessarily have put 2 and 2 together immediately as I pried my eyelids apart, struggled into some shoes and slogged up to the goathouse, but once I got up there, to be greeted by the sight of her up on her hind legs - this from the goat who couldn't even stand up a mere 2 weeks ago - attempting to climb the wire fence, with accompanying bleating and tail wagging, I knew.

The bellowing beginning to emanate from the direction of Blackadder's paddock over at PND's kinda reinforced the message.

I didn't really want her to hurt herself on the fence, so she was let out and Ruby and Rowan were stuck in the slammer instead.

Saturday was spent being serenaded by the goaty version of "Love Is In The Air" as Ms Rosie wore a track up and down the side fence. She wouldn't even budge for water or food so I made her a little picnic bucket.

About dinnertime BND came over with some stale bread for the girls, having just come from feeding Blackie...

and you can probably guess what's coming ...

Rosie sprinted over, gave her a quick sniffing and proceeded to snuggle up to any part of Brenda that she could reach.
No bleating.
Tail wagging yes, but no blessed bleating.
so at something approaching the speed of light, I went next door armed with a damp handtowel and gave Blackie a good rubdown and then carried the smelly, dusty, disgusting object home in triumph.

She's been quietly snuggling with her 'lovey' ever since.

and completely off topic:
this is what Blueberry looked like after her bath - pretty yes?


Lindi said...

Ah, what's one more sleepless night, when it's good news not t'other!

sion said...

bwah. The stinky lovey's bloody hilarious. I'm glad she's feeling so much better.

Jane/Glenice said...

lol, nothing wrong with your wits and creativity.....vbg.
Poor Rosie, she is well, she wants fun now.

Alwen said...

"I feel better, Mum!"

Good news can be hard to absorb before you're fully awake.

Alice said...

So now the goat has a 'blankie' too, just like many little children. Perhaps you'd better keep it in a safe place for when she comes into season next

April said...

Bluebell is gorgeous but not nearly as adorable as Rosie. You knew you could wear the object of your affection on your head?

Sheepish Annie said...

Yes. Very pretty yarn. It is good and pure. I shall look at that and try not to think of randy goats...

I have issues. I can not ever be a farmer nor a goatherd. It's sad, really.

Lynne said...

Good thinking 99.

Tanya Brown said...

You're brilliant! I don't suppose the stinky lovey trick would work for human teenagers?

Beautiful yarn.