Thursday, March 13, 2008

a couple of FOs that slipped through the net

the problem with being on Ravelry sometimes is that [ apart from it being just about the biggest time-suck ever ] I think I've posted about certain projects here on the Blog when in fact, I haven't.
So here's a couple that have sneaked through the net since the start of the year:
- two slightly different versions of the Fisherman's Rib hat from a recent Cleckheaton book. I started the mauve one in Country Silk, thinking I had 2 balls in the stash, realised it was only one, and found someone on Ravelry who was willing to swap a ball for some Bendy 8ply cotton. Well, of course, while I waited for it to arrive, I started a second one, just in some Magnum variegated blue acrylic again from the stash, and with a button down ponytail conversion at the back for Nadie. It's sized to fit well down over the eyebrows and ears and the top isn't really pointy.

The colour in the photo is way off. it's actually the same yarn as in the Frothy Gothy Wristwarmers.
Then I went back and finished the first one, which was duly given to Ms Beryl last week.

BTW Cleckheaton Book 956 is fabulous because all of the hats, socks and so on are given in 4 sizes from baby to adult. Kudos to whoever it was at ACS that made that decision

Actually when I started looking back at the Feb and March archives, I realised that I had missed more than 'a couple':

There was another BSJ done in almost exactly 24 hours [ insomnia] and a premmie one from the leftovers.
I don't think I showed you the finished [ overdyed] version of the Lacy Nightie in Cleckheaton Bamboo either. Not that it's really anything approaching a nightie. I made it longer than called for in the pattern and it's still just a cami. Back view photo truer for colour.

I'll catch you up on this week tomorrow.

Rosie continues her slow slow slow progress back to health. I still have her confined in the goat shed because Rowan is still disputing that she is, in fact, weaned.
As the weather has been scorching and is set to continue the same for at least the next three days [ 38C forecast tomorrow through Sunday ] I have been spending considerable effort lugging pails of water up to the shed and forcing her to drink them.


Bells said...

that book does look good! I'd like to get hold of that.

there's a real blue/purple theme to all your lovely work right now. I like it!

catsmum said...

I'm nothing if not consistent [ or boring depending on one's point of view ] in my colour choices.

and red
and black

Robbyn said...

Ooooh - I really like those hats - very nice and warm looking!

I know BSJ stands for "Baby Surprise Jacket", but i keep hearing "Bloody Stupid Johnson" in the back of my head :)

Tanya Brown said...

Holy cow, lady! You're incredibly productive!

Give my love to Rosie. She won't know what that means, of course, but it'll make me feel better. She looks extremely huggable.

April said...

Must. have. the. pattern. for. Frothy Gothy Wristwarmers NOW. Right NOW.

I wish I was half as productive as you!

Hugs to Rosie.

Lynne said...

Lovely knitted items - what yarn did you use for your BSJ? It's very pretty!

Hard to think of hats and wrist-warmers in this weather, isn't it? Says me as I cast on my ninth beanie this month!!

Best wishes for you and Rosie.

catsmum said...

Hi Lynne
It was a generic acrylic from the stash - Holiday 8 ply I think

Carol said...

Those hats are absolutely fabulous. Love love love them. I am in awe at how quickly you knit and it's all so beautiful.