Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Daughter the Easter Egg

Nadie is not one to do things by half so when she committed to colour her hair to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, she was serious about it.
First she had to bleach her normal very dark brunette to blonde so that it would take the colour

which meant it needed to recover for a couple of weeks before letting loose this weekend:
The Boy likes it!!
anyway, if you feel this effort is worthy of recognition, it's not too late to make a donation no matter how small

Nadie isn't the only one dyeing for the cause
JeJeune is now an interesting shade of purple


crazyhaberdasher said...

Actually, it looks surprisingly good - it suits her. Well done Nadie!

Lynne said...

She's very brave - good on her! Is "The Boy" David?

catsmum said...

Hi Lynne
- The Boy is Nadie's boyfriend, Chris,
but if you go back to the post for March 19th, David is on the left in that photo

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I like the color its lovely!
Well done to your daughter! regards woolie wombat

tumbleweed said...

the red looks time could try the iceflower dyes from the book (might be safer, being natural), that's what i'll be doing when my hair aeventually goes white

and thank you for the friendly visit to my blog...
best wishes
(ps i also have, in case you want to visit there as well)

Jejune said...

It looks so brilliant! I didn't bleach mine first, so it was more blackish purple, and washed out too fast for my liking...