Saturday, March 15, 2008

Take some of this...

... and a little of this

add some twist

and again

and you get


specs for those who care about such things:

fibres - Bendigo Woollen Mills Readyspin in Delta [ the slightly mauve blue] - merino maybe - and unlabelled purple/aubergine roving - looks hand dyed or painted - given to me with the Ashford by the always lovely Lisette

worsted spun on the Sheridan MacArthur and plied without benefit of the Lazy Kate, cos it's off having R & R [ rest and restoration ] at Chris and Maz's.
Having the spools flying around on the floor is probably not best guarantee of anything remotely resembling even tension so I'm going to try the "spools threaded on knitting needles poked through a cane basket" approach with the next lot ... which I would've done this time if I'd thought of it ... but that's what happens when you do stuff on a scorching hot day when you have a slightly under-medicated migraine.

anyway it's on the NiddyNoddy so I'll come back with another photo once it has a bath/set and we'll see if I got away with the somewhat random plying

finished weight averages out to somewhere around sock weight with occasional deviations into 4ply/fingering.

Readyspin is an apt although incredibly boring name, but it's gorgeous, gorgeous stuff to work with IMHO. Drafts out like a cloud.
It was about $32 a KILO [ that's 2.2 lbs ] at the Mill.
Compare it to similar stuff on Ebay for $6 -$8 per 100 grams. Scary if one actually stops to work out the equivalent per kilo price of $60 - $80 but I guess it all comes down to how much of a particular fibre you want. A kilo is a heck of a lot and I would have to factor in the petrol if that was the only reason for the trip to Bendigo.

btw if you're still with me

I'm still migrainey-braindead so if you have a better naming suggestion I'll be happy to entertain the notion. I might even give it wine-and-nibblies.


Sheepish Annie said...

I'm back on the narcotic cough syrup so I'm of no help with the naming. But I can vouch for the bobbins on the knitting needles thing. I stab them into a gigantic yarn cake made from some rather hideous chenille...

that I got on Ebay! What was I thinking?????

catsmum said...

Well, Sheepie, were you on the NCS that day as well? I've done similar things under the influence of medication :]
Hope the Monkey Pox is improving

lisette said...

is beeeyootiful

catsmum said...

couldn't have done it without you :]

I'm steadily working my way through the roving you gave me but I'm saving the fleece until I can do it justice

Tanya Brown said...

I find this mindboggling. Wonderful, but mindboggling. Educational. Can't even imagine doing it myself, but I'm glad someone else does it and enjoys it.

mehitabel said...

Gorgeous stuff! Here's hoping the migraines go far far away and stop bothering you! Bad enough to have heat without having to fight headaches too!

Bells said...

look what you made! I take my hat off to you spinners. Such clever people.

Jeanne said...

Very pretty yarn!

Lynne said...

Looking good - and to think you did it without the right equipment!

Sarah said...

It's beautiful!

Jejune said...

OOOh pretties! That's as technical as I'm going to get ;)