Wednesday, March 05, 2008

found the camera!!

Sorry for the infrequent postings minus photos this week but I 'misplaced' the camera last Thursday after the Beginners' hand patchwork class at Daylesford... just found it, so here we go ...
and we come to a screeching halt while my addled brain tries to reconstruct what it's been a party to this week.
Ms Rosie is making progress every day, hates the injections but is otherwise fine. She was a bit cold and dejected first thing this morning because she'd managed to loose her goat coat aka old blanket, and was a bit damp and dewy. She'll be right though. I'll be off to the Vet in about an hour to pick up her hormone injection for this week so I'm going to be doubly disliked this arvo
my first skein of yarn now has a couple of siblings
and third
my BFF Beryl has been over from Tassie for the last week or two attending the Australian Quilters Conference in Melbourne, and then visiting rellies in South Oz, so she has managed to fit in Monday to Thursday morning with me on her way back to Melbourne. This is a gooooooooood thing.
So Monday was general catching upping, including the handing over of THIS which she'd ordered on my behalf, and this from her late mother's stash by way of her sister in Sydney:
and the presentation of this which I made specially for the Queen of Hot Pink: one ply each of hot pink roving I inherited with the wheel from Felicity and handpainted from Mandy at Ewe Give Me The Knits
barely dry and hot off the wheel/niddy noddy

Yesterday we hit Bendigo and Beryl says we went a little silly at Spotshite [ Big Souless Craft Chain Store ] but I think that we were fairly restrained actually.
For example, I didn't purchase any yarn even though the whole Yarn Bee range was being thrown out at $1.99. I call that restraint.
... and from the dozens and dozens of really quite choice bolts at $8m I culled down to only THREE and one of them is for a gift anyway...
Okay, Ms Beryl did buy a few more than three but that's between her and her bank balance.
There were quite a few that I would've bought without hesitation only a couple of years ago but I had to admit that I probably didn't need them for the type of quilts I make these days... but oh, they were NICE

Next stop was a little more deadly : the magic back room of special discounts at Bendigo Woollen Mills ... and there is the slightest, vaguest, teeny weeniest possibility that all the hard won resolve went flying out the window...
probably don't need to say much more, do I?
Nadie, how does lovely soft wool/alpaca blend in purple sound for a certain pair of Marquise gauntlets? Hmm?


mehitabel said...

So glad to hear Ms. Rosie is doing much better! And, also glad to hear that you have been able to have some fibery and friend-ly fun, too. Nice antidote to the worries of the past weeks!

Alwen said...

I'm usually not much for pink, but for some reason rose and pink shades are really drawing me these days. Yummy!

The One and Only Nadie said...

I'm happy with black, but purple would be good to if its a good shade. Not if its the pinkish one in the photo. If its the darker one in the pack next to the red that might be good.

So the nights still haven't warmed up there? last couple of nights have stayed pleasant, was hoping for Rosie that they were better there too.

Sheepish Annie said...

I think restraint should be rewarded. And you've been working so hard to heal Ms. Rosie that you deserve a treat or two. Or three. Maybe four...

catsmum said...

Nadie I was thinking that the cables wouldn't show up on black - and it's the exact same bluey/purple as the stripes in your lone alpaca sock!

Lynne said...

I'm in need of a trip to the-never-before-visited Bendigo - perhaps the Sheep and Wool Festival in July?

You showed great restraint; I've been to Spotlight sales twice in two weeks and I don't need anymore yarn. Now they have a VIP 20% off special on selected new stock; a girl can't win!! I've just got to try that Moda Vera sock yarn - wonder if it's discounted?

Glenice aka Jane said...

Greeting to Ms Beryl if she is still around...behave the pair of you.
I love the Japanese Dresden. Now why did I not think of that. I have a box of several other sorts of Dresdens from swaps, waiting to be put together.

Tanya Brown said...

I'm glad Rosie is still on the mend.

What a feast of textures and fibers!

Robbyn said...

My goodness, what a splendid haul! For such things is restraint made - so that you can throw it out for a spectacular find :)

So glad to hear that Rosie is coming around and you sound a bit more chipper so I'm hoping you've been able to catch up on some sleep!

Donna Lee said...

I think you showed remarkable restraint all things considered. I'm glad Rosie is feeling better although I don't blame her for not liking the injections. Just shows that she's a smart one.