Sunday, August 27, 2006

UFO day

The girls started arriving at 10 this morning and mostly left between 3 and 4 this arvo. Not sure how much sewing or knitting was done but much consumption of food and beverages and much chat. Barbmac brought up her finished Harry Potter quilt, which was duly admired by all. Barb - remind me who did the quilting? Anyway, whoever it was had quilted all sorts of Hogwarts related words in the backgrounds of the blocks, so for instance, the dragon block said [ in the quilting] welsh green, swedish short snout, hungarian horn tail etc.
Raelene was working on a totally masochistic almost miniature double wedding ring, Robyne from Daylesford was making pussycats, Luz wanted a lesson in knitting on 4 needles, Nadie was puddling on with her first scarf in garter stitch and I was sewing on the binding on David's new quilt in between feeding and watering people.
We're currently watching/listening to the Rent DVD which is my current favourite. Nadie particularly loves it because she saw the live show a couple of times back in about 1998 or 99 with her brother and Christina [ then his girlfriend, now his wife ].


AJ said...

I don't know if anyone is doing a pinwheel sweater KAL, but I heard a few women talking about it on :)

catsmum said...

Thanks AJ.
I'm thinking of doing it just in one colour [ purple] in an alpaca/wool blend.