Monday, August 28, 2006

a pair of sore bums [ and some knitting]

Nadie and I went trail riding for a couple of hours today. First time either of us have ever been on a horse that wasn't on a leading rein. I didn't take the camera because I figured [ rightly as it turned out] that my hands would be occupied with learning to control the horse. I made sure that the owner knew we were newbies so we were given the most tractable horses on the place. So all kitted out with helmets, and after minimal instruction off we went. We were both happy when they were just walking along through the state forest. climbing up hill and down dale, meandering along trails winding through gum trees... trotting not so enjoyable ... quite apart from the effect on one's rear, my knees let me know that the angle they were on was not fun. I expected to be realy sore this arvo but the knees are fine at least for now. I can feel it when I sit tho :]
We saw several mobs of grey kangaroos and 2 of the biggest males I've ever seen. Both were easily 6 feet tall. Anyway, they held their ground for quite a while, albeit at a distance, and I don't think it would've been pleasant to come across them on foot and alone. They can be bloody belligerent when the females are threatened. It was a glorious sunny day, barely a cloud in the sky and a rather nice way for us to spend the day. Whether we'll do it again I don't know

Since we got back, Nadie has cast on for a new scarf in a laceweight acrylic faux-mohair in dark blue with an ever so slightly jade undertone. I started her a pair of plain striped socks last night in Bendigo Woollen Mills new Caprice Alpaca/ wool blend in a heathery purple and mulberry. Probably not as strong as sock wool should be but it's just beautiful stuff ... a slight sheen and sooooooo soft. She knows she'll have to hand wash 'em too. Anyway as the photo shows, sock one is coming along nicely and I should be up to the toe shaping before we go to bed tonight. Just as well, seeing she's going home tomorrow and a 2hr drive is a bit too far to go just to measure whether a sock fits.
It is so nice to just be able to sit side by side on the couch, with my DD and a cat or two, or three, or four and just knit away while watching Roswell DVDs on the box.

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