Wednesday, August 30, 2006

new bamboos and bellydancing

This is the pair of bamboos that Maz hand painted for me. Apologies for the indifferent photo : they actually have daisies on the top. Aren't I spoiled? Yeah, I thought so too. I've been telling her that she ought to make them to sell but at the moment her hand is playing up, so no dice.
I've never used bamboos before and I'm wondering if there's a way of making them less grabby. Later today I think I might try polishing them up with something lanolin based

... that way if it gets on my wool no harm, no foul.

My preference for most knitting is casein needles... either the old tortoiseshells or the new Ivore ones.It's the same company making the Ivore, Pearl and Timbergrain that used to make the tortoiseshells. I didn't realise till recently that they were an antipodean thing. Just figured everyone had them... and for everyone else... best needles IN THE WORLD bar none.

Ok should've already left, so I'm off. Gotta drop David off to Windarring and then it's a skinny capp with Jeanette and maybe Lorraine if she makes it, and on to our weekly bellydance class. After the horseriding on Monday, it'll be interesting to see how the FMS goes this morning. So far so good. Meds on board. Thank God for pharmaceuticals :]

edited later to add this photo of my teacher, Susan Taylor. She felt she was a bit underdressed :] which actually means the opposite... more covered up than usual and far less in the jingly-jangly dangly jewellery line.

I obviously wasn't toooooooo stiff and sore from the horseriding episode:
I did the splits just to prove I still could! ...and... no, there isn't a photo of THAT nor will there ever be.


AJ said...

I don't know where my button went! :(

catsmum said...

well it was there yesterday. You haven't reformatted the blog or anything have you AJ?

AJ said...

It's baaack! :) And yes I'm feeling 100% better. I'll feel even better when the kid goes back to school next Tuesday! Yippee! :)