Friday, August 25, 2006

clearing out the stash for a good cause

When I arrived to collect David from Windarring in Castlemaine this arvo, my beady little eyes were drawn to the presence of yarn on one of the tables. Yarn is always gooood.
Having already tried rug hooking, Chris, the valiant art teacher is trying to interest some of the clients that have enough fine motor skill in learning to knit. Due to lack of funds they were making do with acylic from Go-Lo, and while I'm not a yarn snob, I don't think acrylic is going to be as easy for them to learn with as wool.
I've just sorted through the stash and pulled together a bag of all those odd leftover balls of mostly 8-ply [ sport] wool in various colours and 3 pairs of moderately large size needles that I have multiples of.
Maybe Chris would welcome another pair of hands too.
and while I'm more or less on the subject, DD Nadie's original motivation in [re] learning to knit recently was so that she could help one of the disabled clients where she works. She'll probably be horrified that I'm 'sharing' this here, but I'm intensely proud of the caring people my children are growing into.

oh and I was crocheting the baby shawl at a local coffee shop this morning while waiting for my skinnycap, and the waitress asked for a reminder on how it was done. I've promised to help her further if she needs it of course... maybe I can get a SnB up and running up here ... would be good.

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congratulations for the life you have and your beautiful family who you really love