Saturday, August 26, 2006

saturday sky

Ok why am I up at 7am on a Saturday? Couldn't sleep so I wondered out to feed the fire , cats and goats in that order and then got sucked into turning this on. A cuppa later and the sky was starting to look glorious. In the time it took to grab the camera, find fresh batteries, load them and turn it back on, the glorious red sunrise had faded to this. The sky is much greyer than it appears but I doubt there'll be any rain [ bugger] Currently 2.8 degrees C up from an overnight of zero.

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the stripey tiger said...

Susan, It's so sad about the subway in castlemaine!! Its such a lovely town with out all that guff - We had some great food in castle maine when we were there two years ago. thanks for your comment about my clap. I guess its too much to hope taht you would totally love every thing you knit!! :-) lol Stripey