Tuesday, August 22, 2006

another gratuitous cat photo

these are Sumi and Suki, the 2 part-siamese ladies that I gave DD Nadie to celebrate her moving into a unit that allowed pets.
They think their Mum's and Nanna's knitting is great fun.
Mystery knitted object is progressing but the camera has flat batteries so I'll post a photo later. Taught quilting in Bendigo today, now about to go back for a clogging class [ my first in 3 years at least] and before anyone asks... clogging is not some esoteric knitting or quilting technique, it's Appalachian tap dancing.
Knitting later!


Kylie said...

Your babies are soooo cute:)

craftybernie said...

Love the kitties. Are they as crazy as true siamese??? Gorgeous colourings!