Tuesday, August 22, 2006

some really serious stash enhancement

So I wasn't going to stop at Spotlight on my way to my quilt class today ... I swear I wasn't... but then I pulled into the bed shop next door to price some stuff and the yarn was calling to me. Plaintive little 'take-me-home' bleats . Who am I to ignore yarn in distress? Anyway the long and short of it is that pretty much every yarn that my darling daughter covets, was on special. You know the kind of thing " If this is ever on special, would you get me some, mum?"
Yes dear, and when I say on special I mean 50% and more off, so I spent 80 something bucks and got HUGE amounts of lovely stuff for Nadie, moi and The Peanut. In my defence I didn't go to Bendigo Woollen Mills on the [ very much out of the way] way home.
How much to buy of each was a challenge because I couldn't remember offhand what she wanted made in each, so I guessed... and I was really pretty restrained... could easily have bought three times as much.
I need to live till I'm 120 with all faculties and fingers intact.

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