Monday, August 21, 2006

mystery knitted object

this is the current project, started today. 8-ply [ sport / DK ] pure wool from Bendigo Mills. It was in a Simply Knitting Mag that friend Maz brought up this past weekend. The putting-together directions leave more than a little to be desired but I will probably figure it out ... I hope.
Had a glorious day again ...20deg C ... not a cloud in the sky. Hard to believe it's winter. Some rain would be nice at this point.
Anyway, potted some rose cuttings, caught up on housework and sat out on the verandah knitting and drinking in the view. Not a bad day all round.

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Lynne said...

Hello Susan! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) Looks like you've got a nice little spot up there, and is there a family tendency for following a certain demonic footy team? Love the pic of Oakley in the vanity basin :-)