Friday, August 04, 2006

well everything has to start somewhere

August 4th,2006

I've decided to bite the bullet and join the burgeoning ranks of bloggers. The sun has just come up, it's a misty winter morning and the goats haven't yet realised that I'm awake so there have been no pointed enquiries as to the likelihood of immediate breakfast.

The high point of last week was getting a Highly Commended in Professional Innovative at Jeff's Shed [ aka the Melbourne Exhibition Centre ]
Missed the awards ceremony but travelled down by train the next day to see it in all it's glory [!] and to collect the rosette and prize ... $100 to spend at Michelle's Sewing Basket ... yahoo ... thankyou Michelle!
Caught up with some special friends [ you know who you are ] and managed to not look at any of the merchandise. The japanese quilt exhibition was stunning of course, and it was great to see the 90 International Challenge Quilts all in one place. Felt a bit weird seeing my one after a year. It's been to Japan and will go to France next year... both places I'd love to see... International Challenge

The high point of THIS week was definitely finding out the sex of the grandbaby-to-be ... it's a boy btw ... and seeing the scan.
I've already knitted him a Melbourne footy beanie, now I have to figure out the pattern for a newborn sized footy jumper.

ok that's it...end of first post... gotta go feed the animals

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