Monday, August 14, 2006

this week: in the garden

It's easy to see that Spring isn't all that far away. There's been a lot of bossy territorial behaviour from the black-faced cuckoo shrikes and the crimson rosellas. I've been putting out wool and batting scraps for the nest builders and it never lasts for very long.
The Iris are in full flower and the daffs and jonnies are almost there. Mind you, both these photos are in extreme close-up because the garden as a whole still looks pretty bloody dismal.
The days have been glorious... not far off 20deg C ... but the nights are still hovering down around zero. Good weather for gardening during the day and curling up with something on the needle[s] in front of the fire later. I could wish the heater was a little more efficient but there is something rather comforting about staring into leaping orange flames.
Planted some of last year's rose cuttings [ Leander and Mary Rose ] divided up some large white Shasta Daisies and the white w purple centred Veldt Daisies.

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