Saturday, August 05, 2006

on the needles this week / second sock syndrome

or in this case NOT on the needles this week:
Sock 1 of the squared sock was done a couple of weeks ago in a plain mid-grey 8-ply [sport] weight merino from Bendigo Wollen Mills... Lovely stuff... and is a perfect fit. He/she/it lies folorn in the bottom of my knitting bag, bereft and alone because I haven't made it a mate yet.

I've avoided sock 2 by making 2 tie-on cotton headband/earwarmers for Nadie, a Melbourne Footy Club beanie for Peanut, a pull-on newborn sized beanie for the charity box and several rows on the baby shawl I crochet when I need something mindless ... oh ... and I crocheted and felted a cat basket!

I think that maybe I suffer from the dreaded second-sock syndrome: I LOVE making sock #1 [ or sleeve or whatever the-first-one-of-two it is ] and then I'll cast around for something else to start rather than coming to grips with sock #2. Maybe I'm afraid it won't match sock #1 ... which is what happened with the first pair I made...I missed out on the decreases for the instep and ended up with something that is more akin to a bedsock. So that's what they are. Of course I meant to make cyclamen pink bedsocks.

Maybe writing all this down will make me get on with it ... yeah and pigs will fly .

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