Friday, August 18, 2006

a pair of rosellas, a beanie and a tale of staffy abuse

Mr and Mrs Crimson Rosella [ don't ask me which is which, the sexes are identical unless you're a hell of a lot more up close and personal than I am ever likely to be ] sitting outside my kitchen window. I know that they are a common bird but I still think they're gorgeous.
Spent the day splitting firewood with a hydraulic splitter ... great fun . Well actually, Chris did the splitting, I just hauled logs and pushed wheelbarrows and located likely candidates for being given the chop. As a truly thrilling end to the day I trimmed the goat's toenails. Yeah, I know, my life is just SOOO thrilling.

and here is the Melbourne footy beanie that I made for The Peanut. [ grandbubby-to-be ] Made a pompom for it this morning which is about as close as I've gotten to knitting so far, although I intend to attack sock #2 after tea.

I felt really angry when I got back from town today. I arrived at the supermarket car park just in time to see a woman arrive and get off her pushbike to which she had attached the leash of a
reasonably young looking Staffordshire terrier who had presumably been forced to run along behind said bike [ and believe me, staffys are not built for running ] and was then tied up at the supermarket with no water for at least the half-hr that I was there. She had disappeared before I got close enough to realise how distressed the dog was. Anyway, I borrowed the top of a friend's thermos to give it some water and he was still shaking after half an hour and had his tail firmly between his legs even while he was looking for a pat. He was definitely underweight too, poor little sod. If I knew his owner's name the RSPCA would be getting a call. Some people should not have animals.

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