Wednesday, August 23, 2006

horrors...franchised fast food in Castlemaine

At the moment, if I wanted franchised fast food - Maccas, Hungry Jack's, Subway, etc - I would need to drive 40km each way... and that's the way most people in this town like it. Don't get me wrong there are dozens of cafes, restaurants, pubs ... in short good eateries galore ... and both the old guard and we coffee swilling blow-ins like it that way. There is the odd chicken shop, a noodle place and one or two fish-and-chippies but that's about it
Not for much longer
Without ANY public consultation, council has given permission for a Subway to open on one of the highest profile corners in the absolute centre of this goldfields heritage town. If it was perhaps a km or 2 further out we wouldn't be so unhappy but the familiar bright yellow and green signage is NOT really in keeping with,for instance, the ambience of the Theatre Royal 3 doors down [ which has been in operation since the early days of the goldrush]
Now don't get me wrong, Subway make good low-fat food and if one MUST have fast food, one could do a lot worse. If I was 16 I'm sure I'd be thrilled. That there was no public consultation is appalling.
ok rant over
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jussi said...

same thing happened in our goldmining town in NZ, but it was KFC - horrific!!! when the subway opened in an existing storefront on main street it was almost a relief.

catsmum said...

thanks Jussi
I was beginning to think that I was being unreasonable. God help the local council if they EVER approved KFC or Maccas, they'd get voted out.