Thursday, August 24, 2006

hoody baby poncho and the mystery knitted object

Last night I realised that I couldn't be bothered with fighting the mystery object and decided to use some of the yarn from Tuesday's spend up [see below] . Spotlight's home brand range is called Moda Vera, presumably in an effort to make us think it's some exotic italian import [ yeah right] and this is their MV Melody which is a super soft shaggy chenille. It was out for $1 a 100m ball so I grabbed 6 in this colourway and 5 0r 6 in a blue/teal/reddish one. This is going to be a hooded poncho for The Peanut for next winter... sort of in the spirit of one on the Lionbrand site, but only loosely. I used about the same sized needles and swatched it which gave such a radically different stitch and row count from their yarn that I just sat down and refigured the maths. Then I decided that the original pattern wouldn't show in this type of yarn so I've gone with stocking stitch and a garter stitch border. Also I decided against knitting the hood as a seperate rectangle,.. given my dislike of unnecessary sewing up and sewing in of ends, I'm going to pick up on circs and do a 3 needle cast off on the top. I WAS going to graft it, but I don't think Kitchener stitch would be fun with this stuff. Thanks to Lorinda for suggesting the alternative :]
I got the back and front out of JUST ONE BALL and the hood will take less than another ball. Any suggestions for what to make with other 4 balls. Matching uggs would be cute but that won't use up 4 balls will it?
Of course I don't actually have 8mm circs so I'm at an impasse until later this arvo when I go back into town. The LYS is pretty dismal with a surly owner but it's better than wasting an hour and a half and $15 worth of fuel to save maybe $3 on the needles in Bendigo
The daffs, jonquils and mini narcissus are all telling me spring is nearly here ... and all those weeds that are coming so lushly through the pebbles have all been zapped with the glysophate so they're not long for this world.

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