Tuesday, December 09, 2008

So it's Day 3 of the Christmas House Tour '08 ...

and we're at the other end of the same room as yesterday
so we'll start off with the tree which is all in silver, glass and crystal. I didn't put the lights on this year because of the puppy, and it looks a bit bare but still elegant I hope, except for that rather unfortunate empty space straight through the middle. I've never noticed it before ... maybe I'll have to tweak a few more branches.

Those boxes piled at the base may just look decorative but they do actually serve a couple of purposes.
During the year some of the decorations are stored in them [ and that big burgundy one at the front holds the Christmas cards that I still haven't found time to write ... hangs head in shame ... a bit ]
You may think that I've just stacked them there under the lower branches to be extra decoration but it is in fact all part of my cunning plan, m'lord [ apologies to Baldrick ]
They are, in point of fact, a physical barrier designed to foil the tree denuding plans of certain four-footed guerrillas.

If we move slightly to the right, here's my mum's early 20th century oak buffet:
an 1870s Christening gown and mum's wedding dress serve as 'bookends' to a grouping of naive Saint Nicks, cranberries, the silver teaset, my redwork stitcheries and some of my miniature quiltsFor some bizarre and unknown reason, this has become Bear's new favourite napping spot. [ note the dried pig ear he has so thoughtfully added to the decorations ... can't say he isn't a helper ]
As always, if there's anything that you'd like a closer look at, you have but to leave a comment!

always an occasion worthy of note

I'm about to drive out to the other side of Bendigo [ 50 km or so ] for my second Christmas breakup of the day, so I will be driving carefully, I promise
and I may just leave you there until tomorrow


ozjane said...

Why is it, that we rejoice when it rains, and the silly weather people act as if it is the worst thing that can happen and instead of being thankful keep talking about when it will stop and we will have a good day.
A safe steady raining all day and night day is the very best day there is.
Are they really so shallow?
Love the elegant monotone tree.
We may get ours out tomorrow...we conveniently forgot last week.
It seems an awful waste of effort but sit and sit Christmas lunch is here on the 18th, so maybe.......

Sheepish Annie said...

Very lovely and very, very elegant. I love the vintage clothing accenting the display!

We here at The Sheepish Household are pleased to report that the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty remains respectful of the tree. Or he just doesn't care about it. Either way, we're good!

Alwen said...

This is my second tour, and it's so gorgeous.