Friday, December 05, 2008

The Princess Diary

Tuesday lunchtime saw the arrival of Purl's Princesses, and the Patchwork Princesses - half of whom are in the PP knitting group anyway - augmented by Sarah our one representative of the evening knitting group who was brave enough to front up on the assumption that we probably wouldn't turn out to be axe wielding wackos.

The house was [reasonably] clean and the decorations were in place. The 'table' was my three work tables pushed together, covered with two cloths because I don't currently own one that's 13-14 foot long and I'd hauled out the good silver, china, and crystalware because one should treat princesses in the manner to which they are surely accustomed ... or so I would like to think.

There was massive amounts of food, a liberal application of champers and/or lemon, lime & bittersleft to right:Marg, Fay, Robyne, Jeanette and a some of Ann
Left to right: Fay, Robyne, Jeanette, Ann, the tip of Liz's nose, Sarah, Zoe and young Nyla ... the black clad arms belong to Nyla's nanna, Maggie whom I managed somehow not to photograph along with Alison. The only evidence of Alison's presence is this armand a ring-in who was very well behaved, unlike Bear who got a little overexcited and had to be banished outside with a plate of chicken

There were pressies, goat appreciation, and a mass invasion of PND's place to see yet more goats and sample his wonderful homemade goat cheese.
There was Christmas music, chat and good cheer
and David's plum puds were duly consumed with great gusto
As is the wont of such happenings, it all went by in a woosh ...

far too fast
AND I'd forgotten to put on my tiara !

at the end I was left with enough food to keep D and I going for the forseeable future and a mountain of dishes, silver and crystal to be washed and put away
and don't get me wrong
the girls offered to help clean up but I declined.
I need the washing, drying and putting away time to myself to de-hyper and process the occasion.


April said...

Can I come to your house for Christmas? That picture of Bear with the tartan ribbon is adorable. :)

Rose Red said...

Looks so wonderful!

I quite like cleaning up and doing the dishes etc after a dinner party too - same reason as you.

Alwen said...

It all looks so yummy, and doesn't Bear look innocent and adorable!

Charlene said...

Bear is so photogenic. How many pictures on average does it take to get such good ones that you've been posting?

catsmum said...

Charlene I usually take about four or five but there will probably be three good ones in that ... he just seems to know what a camera is and poses beautifully. The cats are pretty good too but even with 'suppressed flash' on they tend to blink at that small half flash so it's harder to get the perfect shot and I end up having to take a lot more to get the money shot