Thursday, December 11, 2008

the Great Caprine Caper

Guess who just got home from town to find four goaty girls happily scoffing the remains of my garden ??
Ever tried to wrangle four goats in fast fading light when two of the Harriet Houdinis have also managed to shed their collars ?
and no, there are no photos ... I was too busy rounding 'em up ... this involved [wo]man handling the smallest one into the pen by putting her in a headlock and dragging, and then trying to hang onto the two that DID still have collars - while 60 kilos and aound 90 kilos of goat tried to head in two different directions and neither of them the way I wanted them to go - and then as I waited for the feeling to return to my hand and wrist, Lady Fortune smiled upon me. I grabbed up a colander of feed and Renegade Robbyn who is historically the hardest to catch, trotted happily into the paddock with minimal fuss.
Just time for a quick scouting of the perimeter followed by a temporary fix on the fence they'd demolished and by that time it was full dark so I'm fairly glad that I didn't get home ten minutes later.


Sheepish Annie said...

Those goats are pretty smart! Here's hoping they don't make any further escape attempts. That's no way to spend an afternoon...

crazyhaberdasher said...

Chris is a wiz at putting things together but the goats have outsmarted him! Looks like he will have to come up with something like Fort Knox!
Nerves are frazzled, heart is trying, hair going greyer by the second, move out tomorrow!!