Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2 hours to go !

... and we're watching Carols By Candlelight [ the televised one from the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne ]
I'd love to be able to report that it's the equal of some of the magical concerts of past years [ long past ]
regardless of my love of all things Christmas, I remain convinced that it's a thinly disguised excuse to feature every half-talented hack connected with the 9 Network and a number of strident young ladies who appear to have forgotten their skirts - and a handful of genuine singers
despite some very mediocre moments

the highlight for me [ so far ]
Dennis Walter and his glorious big bass voice and "The First Noel"

currently I'm listening to Sophie Palladino's "In Excelsis Deo" and she's doing a passable job of it, following what was undoubtedly the world's fastest rendition of the "Hallelujah Chorus"
NOTE to the Music Director: fast does not necessarily equal best or even acceptable

The Australian Boys Choir were a bit ... meh ... lacking their usual clarity and purity of tone

Can't help it ... I prefer my Carols to be traditional carols, or at the very least, actual Christmas songs [ I'll make the exception for the Hallelujah Chorus and also for Holy City/Jerusalem which are both Easter pieces but have become associated with Christmas ]


Wendy and Colin said...

We're watching it an hour behind you in QLD. My husband is quibbling over SP's Latin pronunciation. I just think her voice is astringent. A drum kit in that carol is definitely a no-goer! :-) Wendy and Colin

catsmum said...

Colin is absolutely correct - SP was singing 'ex-sel-sis' and it should be 'ex-chel-sis'

she'd just started singing when I typed that and to be honest I was trying to temper the tone of my post by finding something nice to say.
I had hopes of Marina Pryor but even she was a bit ordinary I thought.

lisette said...

absolutely agree with you re cbc - why can't they play it straight and just do carols - there are plenty to choose from.

and there was an awful lot of leg and expensive dentistry being flashed around too.....

have a lovely christmas sweetie


catsmum said...

and to you and the kidlets, Lisette.

ozjane said...

sobs.....I love Sylvie but even I had to admit that her dress was better than her singing this year...but imagine her, Marina and even Georgie Quil, who can sing, lumped with all those trashy toy girls. And the one at the beginning...well did Karl cover his eyes..stupid dress with the clodhopping shoes and socks...or looked like socks.
Mind you we are writing to the wrong people. Vision Australia do listen. I wrote to them a while back...and complimented them that year on the Christian Christmas content. I know you need Santa for the kids but it used to be over by a certain went on for ever last night. And why start early??
We really should be writing to Vision Australia and expressing what we think and a copy to managing director Ch 9...tis all there is you google carols b c 2008 even a program you can print out.
It is our carols and Sydney wrecks there, so this seemed a very bad slide.

Alice said...

I have to agree totally. One of the highlights of the Christmas season was hearing (before TV) and then watching 'Carols by Candlelight' (I even sang in the choir in 1964) but it's now everything you describe, with barely any traditional Christmas 'feel' about it.

I admit that I didn't watch it this year. I went to 'Carols in the Domain' in Sydney for the first time this year, and was disappointed with that, too - except for dear David, of course.

Looks like I may have to sing my own Carols in

Judie Gade said...

Kelsey knows the music director ... affectionately known as 'Dougie'. He is the Haileybury Choirmaster - and he got married last year! He is a fave with the kids :o)

He asked Kelsey to join the choir for carols by Candlelight too. She is thinking about it I think - all depends on her social 'calender'.