Monday, December 15, 2008

the penultimate, penultimate christmas tour post [ probably ]

... and I have to address one of the recent comments:
OzJane asked about the current whereabouts of the sumptuous set of superfluffy cream hand towel / face washer with embroidered Christmas motifs that she gave me mid year, and I have to 'fess up. I was hoping to avoid this but there's no way 'round it.
Y'see, the collection of such things was lovingly and artistically laid out in the main bathroom with a red hand-towel-with-teddy actually over the towel rail - red being a more visitor friendly colour than the cream.
Cue the first visit of the festive season by a small person and the immediate consumption of the obligatory Catsmum offering of a striped candy cane and the ensuing sticky fingers and face. When the attending adult requested a hand towel, I, assuming the presence of well developed powers of ESP, called out "It's okay, they're there to be used " , thinking she'd grab the red one.
and don't panic, it has come through the wash unscathed but was out of commission when the pic was taken.
Also on the bathroom post, one of my relatives found it necessary to comment on David's choice of aftershave. Basically if people are nice enough to give it to him, he's gonna wear it and quite likes it.
... and the final comment-worthy comment, which caused high hilarity here at the House-Of-Many-Animals-And-Much-Dust, otherwise known as Chez Catsmum, was WartyMammal's plaintive assertion that my house was soooooo clean
Girl, you should investigate the possibilty of a career in stand-up comedy ... you so funny !! :] !!

... and it just shows you how good I am with the creative camera angles!!

back later today with the penultimate post containing the kitchen photos - because the camera has expressed a need for some recharging

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Jane said...

Anything that leaves this house leaves after going through the washing machine and dryer to de Moggie it.
And here were we thinking Bear might have been playing chew it up. lol. Not really Bear. We loves you.
Worry not........but you knew I had to stir. Wait till I get that bedspread done.