Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Joy to the World

It's been interesting reading the responses to the recent post 'philosophising' ... about acceptance of / coping with / putting a positive spin on some the challenges that life throws at some of us.
so today I thought I'd point you all the in the direction of one of the links over there in the sidebar that you may have missed - the link to The Postcard Project.

I think I first saw mention of this on Bell's blog, and being interested in postcards, it piqued my interest.
Once I got over there, I discovered a wonderful, inspirational, positive individual named Beth, who despite the fact that she's terminal and needs to use a wheelchair, has made it her goal to send postcards to all those who would like her to. I think most of us would understand if Beth was a bit p****d at the lot handed to her [ and seeing she's human, I'm sure that some days it's hard to summon up all that much of a positive outlook ]
but it seems to me that Beth rarely allows herself to be bogged down in misery
instead she brings joy to others.

I could have asked for a postcard for myself - she says that you don't have to be disabled to ask - but instead I asked her to send one to David as he rarely ever gets mail unless it comes from Centrelink [ Social Security ]

THIS is what arrived [ I've obscured the postal details ]
not just a postcard but stickers and stamping - a little work of art

Whether your preferred version of Joy to the World is the Christian Christmas Carol, or the Hoyt Axton version made famous by Three Dog Night, I'm sure that you will agree that there are some folks out there who make the world a happier, sunnier place ... who quite literally bring JOY to the world.

Beth is one of 'em.

Today I posted off a package to her containing some Aussie postcards and some stickers that I'm hopeful will help her to keep on spreading the joy


Bells said...

oh she's amazing isn't she? I've had two postcards now and I just sent her one for Christmas. Love Beth. Love her attitude. I don't think I could have one like it. So glad David got one too!

Donna Lee said...

I have gotten cards from her as well. She even sent one to my work place (the address is in my email). It brightened my day and made me smile. They are mini works of art. I'm keeping my eye out for stickers and such for her.
It doesn't take a lot to make a difference in someone's day and she proves it.

Sheepish Annie said...

How wonderful!!! I am always amazed by how people think of ways to make the world a brighter, better place...

Sarah said...

That's so cool!
And how great of you to ship her some cards to use!

Act Four said...

I'd be delighted to send David a post card - or two or four! Any son whose mom is a fan of Terry Pratchett has simply got to be really cool kid! And... I'll include a few boat-loads of extra snow,ice and/or sleet we up-state New Yorkers have in slippery abundance.
(if your are willing to share his address my e-mail is Jeydan@AOL.com)

catsmum said...

why Act Four that is so nice of you - thank you ... I've emailed you :]
and have a happy New Year !

Lindi said...

Hi Susan. Happy New Year! I have just given you an award. Check my blog to see if you want to accept it.

Lynne said...

Wow! What an amazing lady.

I'm sure I have several Australian postcards here somewhere [I used to buy multiple copies for sending to penpals] so now I know where to send them.

Sue said...

It makes my heart glad to know that there are wonderful people like that out there.

Jejune said...

We've all got postcards from Beth, she is amazing, and an example to us all! I've also sent her a package of Aussie postcards and stickers :)