Tuesday, December 16, 2008

finally the finale

Take a deep breath!
We are up to the last room in Great Christmas House Tour of '08.

We started at the other end of the house back in the first week of December and if you're still with me, I salute you! ... for your fortitude if not necessarily your sanity, which I am sure has been threatened by all this Christmas cheer
but in any case
onward and upward
here we are in the rumpus room
this is my new [purchased] santa for this year, and can you see why I positively definitely had to bring him home ?
check out his tummy ... it's a ball of red yarn ! How perfect is that ? Okay, so it's cheap, scratchy ACKrylic yarn, but you can't have everything. I found him at the gift shop run by David's day centre, so that's even better because the few dollars he cost me will go back into programs to benefit Dave and the other clients. Win/win
and here he is again with a few of his new buddiesHiding out in the back row there is this one that I made last month from this pattern ... he's the middle size and the only changes I made were to leave off the arms [ which wouldn't show anyway ] and to add a nose.
I've made quite a few of the others as well ... over a number of years ... but I wouldn't want to cause an internet meltdown by doing individual photos.
I DID make that big guy near the tree thoughand the quilts
and the poinsettia curtain on the storage unit [ up there to the right of the quilt ]

and moving on ...
every santa needs some reindeer
and I wouldn't want to leave out the rest of the livestock

and any stories to the effect that I bought the green couch and the burgundy-and-green rug purely with Christmas decorating in mind are scurrilous rumours and you shouldn't pay them any nevermind.
So there you are
Christmas Chez Catsmum
hope you enjoyed visiting

and tomorrow I'll tell you what I did for my berfday today :]


lisette said...

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday de-ar su-san
happy birthday to you

lots of love and hugs

f xxxxxx

i've have been thinking about you all day - knowing this is not an easy day for you

Marcie said...

Happy birthday, dear Susan, I hope you had a lovely day - hugs, Marcie

photoqueen said...

Well, I came to say thanks for stopping by my blog. Then I wanted to say WOW! What a great Santa collection! Then I scrolled down and realized I must give you a cyber high five for using the word "penultimate" - twice! And now I see the comments before mine and need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

I have a December birthday, too!

How's THAT for having a lot to say on my first visit?! :)

Charlene said...

Thanks so much for allowing us a peek into your home at Christmas. Loved the tour. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Wow! You have done some serious decorating...love, love, love all the adorable Santas. Your home is so festive and makes me wish I could just come on over for a cup of hot chocolate! Happy B'day!

Warty Mammal said...

Happy birthday!

Your home is impressive.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to you!

ozjane said...

Very lovely room and lots of goodies.
You have inspired me to do more than I have done before, each year and to try and change my attitude to the day which has been, having no one else around, to hide. But when I say that, there are friends around, who fight hard to stop me hiding.

I am remiss about the birthday greetings. The intent was there but the body has not been very responsive over the past week.

Lynne said...

I so enjoyed my visit - and, like three haunting spirits - I did it all in one day! LOL