Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day whatever-it-is of the Christmas House Tour '08

Today I'm going to drag you at lightning speed through the rest of the bedrooms:
This is Nadie's room when she's up here and it's normally blue, purple and turquoise. As I don't actually have a spare Queen sized Christmas quilt, I've settled for one of the winter ones which is backed in burgundy print flannel, and it's just on the bed backing side up, paired with green and cream bedding and a couple of lengths of japanese fabric wrapped around the cushions. The quilt over her bed has morphed into a child's red kimono, accompanied by the two painted geisha tiles that my friends, Terry G and Nic S, jointly gave me for my last big-O berfday. The tree is simply silver and is surrounded by a small hug of bears. ... next to that, the Log Cabin Xmas Tree quilt hangs over her mahogany chest.

... and now we've moved on to MissC's room.
I've used the 'quilt with a burgundy backing upside down' tactic in here as well, and folded the Log Cabin quilt across the end of the bed.

There are several hugs of bears in here as well, although I didn't pile them all on the bed as I have in the past. The reason for the change was mainly to do with the position of the bed ... when it was against the wall, I could line up a lot more bears without danger of MissC knocking too many off. You could always refer to that picture of MissC in the sidebar under 'Santa's Little Helpers'.
It did look better when they were all piled on there together but I wasn't going to move the bed just so's the bears could socialise a bit more easily. In any case, the constant chat was keeping MissC awake and she gets cranky enough without missing her beauty sleep.

David's room is the only one in the house where tinsel is allowed and even embraced. He also has a few small Christmas wallhangings in the bright reds and greens of the mid 80s [ which may be too dated for the rest of the house but I don't think David minds ] and a couple of those tabletop trees but I hope you'll understand why, for reasons of his privacy, this is all you're going to see

tomorrow: the kitchen and then we'll finish up in the rumpus room.


Warty Mammal said...

Your home is so beautiful and (sigh) so clean.

Sheepish Annie said...

So beautiful...

I actually put up a couple more things just to make the living room feel a bit more festive. I think you're holiday spirit is infectious!!!

Tiffany said...

WOW! It's fabulous! Your home is amazing. you start decorating in July or have a Decker Fairy I should know about? It took me since the day after Thanksgiving to get all my stuff up and I haven't near the decorations you have! Simply delightful! Thanks for sharing and come on over for a visit sometime.

sexy said...