Saturday, December 13, 2008

bears in there

and we're up to the guest bathroom:

which is not all that different from last year ... swag, snowflakes, bear figurines, towels in seasonally appropriate colours ... although looking at that post again made me realise that I hadn't brought out the white Christmas tree soap dispenser. Better do that after I publish this.mmm perhaps I'd better break out the silver polish

... and following on from the final statement on last year's bathroom post:
I actually saw some good quality, tasteful Christmas themed loo paper at the supermarket last weekend, but at $9 a roll ? I think I'll stay with the plain, white, quilted 3ply.

After all, as RoseRed said, it'd be a shame if I ever went overboard!

ornament attrition by cats - 0
ornament attrition by dog - 1

ornament attrition undetermined - 1

and I have noticed that certain other bloggers [ Sheepie I'm looking at you girl ] are also keeping an ornament count so we may be able to come up with some meaningful, and potentially earth shattering, statistics by the end of the Christmas season. Because, y'know people, this is important stuff.


Alwen said...

Does a Bear . . . well, no, I won't ask.

I don't think I'd spring for $9 a roll either.

(My verification word actually is a word, how odd: "angers". I'm sure it was meant to be "angels".)

Nadie said...

So far the feline contingent haven't gotten any ornaments, although the 2ft high santa has fallen over a few times. Perhaps the girls have been slipping him drinks.

I give the girls one of the cheaper tree balls at the start of the season for their very own, and also don't extend the bead strings to the bottom branch

Judie said...

Susan ... GET RID OF THE BRUT 33! Ugh! So, what IS the teddy count this year?

Judith xx

catsmum said...

Excuse me Jude but David LIKES Brut

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Your house is so lovely - a Christmas wonderland! It has inspired me to decorate a bit more than usual! Thanks for sharing!

Sheepish Annie said...

We're holding at two downed ornaments. Although, after last night, I fail to see how. With the power out and the lighting low, the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty was quite bold in his tree tampering!

ozjane said...

Did a certain acquaintance not send you Christmas embroidered face cloth and hand towel in white.??
Or did she dream it.

catsmum said...

Jane don't you see the cream in the basket there ?
the other one was in the wash when that photo was taken because a guest actually [gasp ] USED it LOL