Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I need help

Have I mentioned lately that I'm totally technically dislexic ?... a luddite ?... computer challenged ? No? ...Well, I am.
I get by mainly on luck . It took me years to learn how to cut and paste. Believe me, I think I'm doing pretty well to be able to insert links and pics, change font size or colour, let alone pasting in the HTML that got my puddy cat clock up and running.
So here's my problem:
I have a camera loaded with photos that I want to share or at least store on this blasted beasty. As of about a week ago, the card reader and the computer stopped talking to each other. The camera wizard thingy wouldn't open up when I plugged the reader into the USB whatsit. OK ... I knew that one of the prongs in there was bent so maybe the reader had died ... Nadie's ex to the rescue with a pre loved reader ...
and no
I've tried every combination and permutation of the memory card /the other memory card /both card readers. I've gone into the Control whoosit and checked settings ... it says they're all working fine ... but when I open the Wizard it doesn't recognise that it's connected to anything containing photos. The camera's fine I think... the photos are on there ... I can see 'em.

anyone care to walk me through fixing this? In simple steps? Did I mention yet that I'm a total failure at computers? I did? ...Oh ... ok... going away now ....


M-H said...

Try googling the make of the card reader and see if you can find any more information about known problems. Also try the manufacturer's website, and looking at 'support' or 'downloads'. You may need to download a driver to your computer so it can see the reader. The one you had may have got corrupted or something.

catsmum said...

thankyou my sweet

happylitttleappleton said...

Can't help with any computer stuff, car stuff, sports stuff.

Can help with choc fudge, cat sitting, dog sitting, goat watching from a distance.

About to sign up for SCQ Bendigo Retreat, will know quite a few who are going. May even jump in at the deep end and do a workshop.

All my babies have left home, Georgia is 21 and in Greece right now, will be home by Christmas but only to save enough money to be go o/s again. Robert 32 and working in restaurant in Southbank. Lee 29 and sound mixing at Nitecat and NGV. Don retired and loving it, just turned 60.

catsmum said...

hello Kathleen my happy little applebum ... how'd you find me?

knitnthings said...

Hi - thanks for your visit! I was planning on winding the wool off the cd spindle today anyway so I'll take a picture and post it.

As to your computer issues - can you hook up your camera direct to the computer without the card reader? I have a USB cord that goes straight from camera to computer - then you can go through "my computer" and accesss the files direct without the use of the wizard.

Hope you get your camera/computer issue worked out.

The One and Only Nadie said...

I've emailed Tanuj about it, will see if he comes up with anything.

All good at this end, got the guys crashing tonight and probably melb show-bound tomorrow, if we get our act together