Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy First-Day-Of-Spring

Down here, we don't celebrate the change of season at the solstice or equinox, we do it from the first of the appropriate month, which makes today the first day of SPRING.

De Spring iz sprung
De grass iz riz I wonder where de birdies iz
De liddle birds iz on de wing
Now dat's absurd, de liddle wings iz on de bird

Got up early this morning and took a photo of the light streaming through the trees... idyllic. You can really tell it's spring. Then just a few minutes ago, I was out planting some winter iris that friend Di had left out for me, and I heard rustle-rustle-rustle down near my feet. Luckily, the brown and slithery thing had LEGS... A baby[ish] stumpy tailed lizard. These are related to blue tongues and shingle backs. In fact, I'm not even sure whether shingle back isn't just an alternate name for the same beasty. Anyone know? Anyway Lizzy decided to make me aware that it wasn't amused by peeing on my hand. A sure sign that spring is here once the hibernating reptiles wake up.

Stage 4 water restrictions came into force today which is kinda scary. No outside watering at all, for any reason. Doesn't apply to me cos I'm not on town water. Meteorologists are saying it's going to be another El Nino summer. The water level in my dam is not what I would call encouraging, but at least my house tank has a full 113, ooo litres [ 25,000 gallons] in it, and the 4,500 litre new one for the garden has some in there too from the rain last week.

While I was in town, I gave one of the Baby Cables hats: to a neighbour's new grandson, before photographing it but as I'm currently halfway through another in the same wool, I'm sure we'll all cope. BTW if you've downloaded this pattern, check that you have this updated version, as the previous stitch count was incorrect in a couple of places.

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