Monday, September 11, 2006

organisation is the key [ yeah... right! ]

I'm teaching Shibori dyeing down in Melbourne next weekend , so today I checked supplies of dyes, auxillaries, etc, and mail ordered the very little that I needed to replenish. Pretty much everyone is happy to use the MX4GD [as in the photo ] which is a green blue very close to true natural indigo [ which I don't use because it smells like a dead dog and is too temperature sensitive to travel well ]
One lass wants a 'japanese' red by which I assume she means a red that's more towards a rust, so I've ordered it in for her and it'll be here by Thursday at the latest.
Still need to revise and print the notes and check my fabric samples... mainly because I've used a few of them in quilts.
Other than that, the Sunday class on designing with japanese fabrics and/or themes [ can't remember exactly what we called it this time ] is fine. It's pretty much a fly by the seat of my pants class, depending on who brings in what in the way of fabric, and which of my quilts they respond to the most. May just need to print off extras of some of the reverse applique kanjii patterns and the sashiko. Easy peasy.
Nadie always complains that she never gets to do Shibori unless I'm teaching, so I'll have to make sure I take some leftovers home for her to play with on saturday night. My poor, hard-done-by DD :]
Went down to Melbourne on the weekend for great niece's baptism [ by possibly THE most boring and hard to understand priest in the world ] and then Nadie, Stephen [DS#1] David [DS#2] and I grabbed takeaway and repaired back to Nadie's place to have lunch and blow out some candles for Dave's b'day. As this saved them from having to hike up to my place, they were happy enough to combine it with Maya's Baptism I think.
Saturday night was spent with Nadie's friends ... pizza and singing along to the RENT DVD. We had planned to indulge in some female bonding via bellydancing but as there were a couple of male ring-ins, we're saving that for next weekend. Nice boys though :]
It's a glorious day today but I really need to be working on the current japanese quilt so I may take some sashiko stitching out onto the verandah. yeah, that sounds good... some chai... something soothing on the CD player... gee life's hard ain't it?


Whimsical Knitting said...

Oh my! This class sounds like fun! I would love to learn, although, I am state side, can't very well attend your class!

Elle said...

That's a really pretty piece!

The One and Only Nadie said...

Not only was the service terrible, so was the church, really if that was supposed to be the house of God, he needs to hire a new decorator!

catsmum said...



You should come up to Sydney and teach us about Shibori dyeing. I'd love it - right up my alley at the moment!

catsmum said...

I'd love to but I'm sure that there must be someone a little closer to home that does it ... or you could come down here!!