Thursday, September 07, 2006

finished knitted baby stuff and the colour purple

This is a catch-up post. .. first and foremost:

we had rain yesterday... over an inch! The tanks are full to overflowing. of a couple of the finished baby cable hats [ Judy Gibson's pattern ]. There was another but it got given away before I remembered to add it to the pile for photography... and also my amended version of the 5HBS in a yellow boucle called Crinkles... The little blue hat with the topknot is today's experiment. I'm quite happy with the way it worked out.

Earlier, I was out taking garden photos and it was really noticeable that there are only 2 colours out at the moment. Yellow [ daffs, jonnies and narcissus] and mauve/ purple [ wallflowers, iris,violas,stocks,pansies etc] and as a backdrop, out in the bush beyond the garden: hundreds, if not thousands of wattles of various sizes and types.
Once the roses start and the bulbs finish, the balance shifts to pink, white and blue/purple.

Went to Strathdale Quilters today in Bendigo, where we all made quilt block rolls. I already had one, but figured it couldn't hurt to make another. Not that there would EVER be a time when I had more than 1 project on the go at once, would there? I felt very virtuous because I used part of the stash of blue-and-white-china patterned fabrics that I amassed when I was designing the Teatime quilt for Australian patchwork and Quilting about 4 or 5 years ago. Oops, wrong...just checked the completion date on the quilt and it was 1999.
I hadn't taken anything else and grossly underestimated how long it would take, so I spent an hour or 2 crocheting on the mindless baby shawl and socialising.

Now , I have a question for the spinners out there... is there any way of getting the excess spin out of overspun wool? I found a bag of glorious turquoise handspun at the Op Shop [ Thrift Store] but the bag was done up tight so I had to just hope for the best. It was only $4 so I figured, what the heck? Anyway, out of the bag, it's quite prickly and definitely got too much twist. I'd say about 12 ply [ worsted] weight or slighlty thicker. There's just on 500 grms or 18 ounces. Any clever ideas about what I can do with it ?
I've just tried twice to upload the purple garden photos and blogger won't let me, so for now I'll admit defeat. Maybe later.


Procrastiknitter said...

Susan they are just great. Did you use any particular pattern?

Kylie said...

That cardie is so cute:)

catsmum said...

the cardi is Gail Bable's 5 hour baby boy sweater from the Jesse's branch Charity Website, the hat was just me playing around .