Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Up for a challenge?

Still in possession of a pc that won't talk to the camera, so I can't show you any progress on the quilts ... of which there has been enough to put the panics on hold for a few days.

The queen sized Deconstructed Log Cabin for david is finished apart from the label.

The Challenge is almost completely pieced. The last two borders have to wait a few days because I stencilled them with oil paint that is touch dry but needs to cure another 2-3 days before it can be ironed which I learned the hard way be smudging the writing on a quilt that was headed overeseas last year. Not going to make the same mistake again.
The photo to the left is the one that I smudged and had to redo last year. It's been to Yokohama, back here to Oz, and next goes to France and then Spain. I've got no idea what I'll do with it when I get it back in 2008.

Still puddling along with the hand quilting on the japanese one. There's no allover plan to the quilting. A lot of it is just following the designs on the various printed japanese fabrics, which means basically that only I know when it's done.
So long as I keep moving around the surface and spread the amount fairly evenly, I can shortcut what I had planned if I run out of time [ and fill in later ]

Now... back to the Challenge: the topic is "Golden Dreaming" because we're the Goldfields Quilters and Castlemaine was settled during the goldrushes of the 1850s. It could be either 2 or 3-D, and not necessarily a quilt, although mine is.
I wanted to avoid doing anything too obvious, I'm not into pictorial applique generally, and gold is not part of my preferred palette, so I found it quite hard to get my head around this one. Yes, I could've just dashed something off, like, say, a gold crazy patchwork or an embellished treasure chest but I figured that other people might go for those [ and from things I've heard, I was right ] so I eventually came at the topic quite obliquely.
before I spill the beans on what I came up with ... what would you have done? There's no prize, but I'd love to know how other people brainstorm these things.

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lisette said...

wow - what fabulous colours and movement. can't wait to see your challenge quilt. i'm so glad you have a blog- i've admired your quilts for sometime :)