Sunday, September 03, 2006

thank goodness for digital cameras

It is probably NOT a good idea to play with things on the design wall under the influence of a migraine... meds or no meds. Okay, to be honest, sometimes it's a great idea, and the malfunctioning side of my brain produces something worthwhile... but I don't think yesterday was one of those times.
I completely rearranged the current japanese quilt , and then did it again ... and again, and now I feel like it's become too fussy. Of course, the migraine isn't completely gone yet [ just medicated into submission] so I may think differently once the fog lifts. Anyway, this is where the almighty digital camera comes in because I've rearranged it too far to get it back to where it started.
SO once the migraine is properly gone , I think I'm going to go back to the photo from a week or so ago, and put everything back where it started... or not...

Here's where it ended up yesterday. If I stayed with this, the green bits would be broken up considerably with heavy white sashiko stitches, and there are going to be sashiko dragonflies scattered assymetrically on the large block. The brown horizontal is too heavy... has to go... and the line across the top of the large block and the adjacent bit of navy dragonflies is too severe against that bit of shibori. The top bit is too pale by contrast so I need to do something there.
The other thing that strikes me is that brown-with-dots stuff: the circles are far far more obvious through the camera. It has to go too... but what to put in it's place?

Edited later to add:

I decided to go ahead and do the sashiko stitching.
It's quite hard to completely visualise the effect of such strong white lines on an essentially plain piece of fabric. Also I slightly changed the line of the applique pampas grass fabric at the bottom of the large panel so that it was less a definite diagonal. I've done away with the offending spotty fabric and made a couple of small changes to break up that line that worried me earlier.
I may still go back to the original design as posted a couple of weeks ago... opinions welcome.
So here is the whole piece as it looks at the moment and the large panel marked for stitching... and if anyone knows how to transliterate the kanjii, I'd love to know.

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