Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday sky and this week's quilting progress

A normal person is probably still in bed at 6.30 am on a Saturday morning.
A normal person probably didn't have to get up for migraine meds.
A normal person with a migraine would

probably not be standing out the front in purple flannel jammies taking photos of the glorious sunrise.

proper post later... maybe... depends on the meds kicking in

Added later:

okay, I'm baaaaaaack

Just realised that I haven't posted any quilt progress photos this week. Not that there's been much to photograph. While I was at Strathdale Quilters on Thursday, I started sewing down the lime green binding on the Deconstructed Log Cabin for David, which I think I'll call Licorice Allsorts. Didn't even manage to get one whole side done... but then it's a bloody big bugger ...I'm tempted to offer the project to DownUnder Quilts, but that would mean D being without it for months. I'll certainly be adding it to my teaching list for next year at Honeysuckle tho.

What else? Well, I finished the reverse applique japanese kanjii 'peace' block last wednesday at Goldfields and haven't touched it since. I quite like the way my shibori fabric is working. I think this one will have to go on hold while I tackle the idea for the Golden dreams Challenge that's due in about 6 weeks. Mind you, I'm teaching shibori and designing with japanese fabrics at the Australian Quilters Association Symposium in a fortnight and it would be nice to have another finished class sample to give them a sense of the possibilities for combining shibori and hand dyes with japanese fabric ...

well maybe not FINISHED finished ... top maybe.

The problem is I quilt more during the day and knit at night [ lousy night lighting in the sewing space] and the days have been SO glorious that I've been spending most of my time outside.

Discipline. That's what I need... DIS...CIP...LINE

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