Monday, September 04, 2006

where I live installment 3

I live in relative isolation about 6.5 km out of Castlemaine, which is a goldfield's era town in the Central Highlands of Victoria..Hot in summer, freezing [ but no snow] in winter... little rain... no soil.
so WHY would I choose to move here from Melbourne where I had a huge studio and taught a marvelous bunch of women 5 -6 days a week?

Well maybe these photos will elucidate.

Here, I only teach one class most weeks and I actually have the time and the space to rediscover what it is that drives me to make quilts. Through my husband's illness and death and the years since, I never stopped making quilts but for a long time they were mostly just quilts... well made certainly , well designed hopefully, but they could have been anybody's. It was the teaching, the interaction, and the companionship that actually kept me moving forward. Now, I'm at a place and time where maybe I can get back to producing quilts that matter to me.


Caitlin said...

Susan, it's certainly a beautiful place to live - and as you say, to make quilts that are meaningful to you - but it's still close enough to the big smoke for the occasional shop. Sounds great! (Oh, and the home of Castlemaine Rock, which is soooo addictive!)


You'll be inspired to create again - I'm certain of it.

Whimsical Knitting said...

Oh my, how beautiful! I am simply in awe of God's creation that surrounds you!
What is the little animal in the last photo?
My mom was a quilter, she made gorgeous quilts! I thought that I might learn one day, but I think I'll stick with knitting for the time being.

catsmum said...

that's an echidna...the aussie version of an anteater... he's a very shy little bloke and very unusual in that the females lay eggs, not live young.. which, if memory serves, makes them monotremes. Here endeth the biology lesson for today :]
and btw whimsical you can do both.