Wednesday, September 22, 2010

goooood day out

Coffee in Collins Street with the Bride-to-be
Scots Church dwarfed by modern Melbourne
the Regent Theatre
[ brilliant, energetic, exuberant revival of "West Side Story" ]
pleasant train ride down and back ... with knitting
choir tonight


ozjane said...

I think that is the last theater I was their wonderful arm chair seats up in the dress circle..or somewhere....It was a preview of Sunset it was a Longgggggggggggggg time ago.

an even longer time ago I worked in the hole that it now next door to the Regent unless they have developed it since I was in town..back then it was Henry Bucks.

catsmum said...

No big holes there for quite a while now, Ms Jane. To the left [if you're facing the Regent ] is the Restaurant where I took the pic of Nadie in her handspun scarf. Can't say I noticed what was to the right but it definitely wasn't an 'ole.
btw you are an evil evil enabling woman. I just put in another 6 yard order of Thursday specials from THAT place !!