Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two down

One to go
although I do rather like the effect of the two

... and I have to allow myself a brief moment of hubris ... please notice that they are exactly the same length and hanging straight and square to each other.

My daughter would no doubt comment " and so they should after 28 years practice " but trust me, it's harder to achieve than you might think.

Mind you having written that, I have undoubtedly totally and completely jinxed myself for the third one
which may well end up as a tablerunner after all :)


ozjane said...

oh very clever.....and what is going to happen to my poor Santa and pussies after this??

catsmum said...

Remember that I'm making up for achieving almost nothing last year - I finished ONE lap quilt - which had been pieced years previous, and was commercially quilted, so in actual fact what I achieved quiltwise for the whole of '09 was to BIND one measily quilt.

Donna Lee said...

I think you're entitled to some quiet pride. It's beautiful. I haven't ever made the squares for a quilt, although I have made quilted things, and I admire the way all the corners line up and the lines are square. It's a talent.

Marcie said...

Just dined on a big bowl (ok, 2 big bowls) of Susan's Famous Pumpkin Soup. Sooo good!

catsmum said...

Now the question, Marcie m'love, is did I remeber my ' recipe' correctly ?

blessed speedy said...

Just gorgeous!!!!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

I love it!