Tuesday, September 07, 2010

and you thought you'd seen the last of it for a while

As you can see
having successfully reclaimed the wedding quilt from MissC
I'm now down to joining the last two rows across the top

... but that won't be the end of it. Ohhhh noes!

The border fabric that I've chosen is a mottled dark blue [ I may have mentioned before that I love the Moda Marbles range for borders ] - not quite a navy, but not truly a royal blue either - and where the teal flows to the side edges of the quilt top, a scattering of checkerboard-style squares of teal and the dark blue will carry that flow out into the border. How many squares and how they'll be placed will be the next challenge.
Yes, of course a plain border of the Moda blue would work ... but this will [ probably ... hopefully ... fingers crossed ] look more fully realised.


Donna Lee said...

This is breathtaking. I showed the photos of your quilts to my husband and he agreed. You are truly a gifted artist. So, I'm not biased. It's just true!

ozjane said...

oh dear......why do I feel such a lazy slob.....maybe because I am...she who has still not sewn.
And some new fabric even arrived this week......some for a giveaway...and maybe the rest will suit the stitchery I am about to start tracing out.
It is looking good.
Have not thought of Moda marbles for borders..I love Moda muslin mates in white.......adore.

Allison said...

That quilt is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing pictures of its creation.