Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First day of Spring* Frogpond moment **

This is what it looks like when

... you realise that you missed doing a pair of yarnovers about three inches back
and now once you've seen it, you can't make yourself unsee.
Just call me Kermit

*Here in OZ we calculate the change of seasons from the first of the month, rather than the relevent equinox or solstice, so Happy First Day of Spring [ or Autumn as the case may be ]

MY first day of Spring was spent:

gardening in the rain followed by
working on Nadie & Chris' quilt followed by
hot chocolate with David in town
and now we're about to head out the door for Choir.
The rest of the evening will - I predict - involve reknitting what I frogged and some reading-in-front-of-fire-with companion-animals

** ripit ripit ripit


Donna Lee said...

It makes more sense to me to start on the first of the month but try telling that to a meteorologist! It's all about the position of the sun here.

I'll join you in the frog pond. I was making a sock for my 10 year old niece and it looks too small so I ripped out the cuff and heel and half a foot and started over. Thankfully, it's a small sock.

ozjane said...

oh such lovely will still be nice to handle backwards.

catsmum said...

't'is my handspun sacred alpaca Ms Jane and yes it is lovely to handle, even in reverse LOL

Alwen said...

Sometimes our weather obediently flips the page from August (hot and humid) to September (chilly and frosty) just like that!

This is one of those years. August 31 it was 88 F (31 C), today it is 66 F (18 C), and meanwhile it's windy as heck.

Not really cold yet, but it definitely feels like fall is moving in.