Sunday, September 05, 2010

what a difference a day makes

This was the situation yesterday
the waters have receded at an incredible pace. Literally. I can't believe it.Yesterday that park bench was surrounded by water - completely marooned -with the top just clear of the 'tide'

the gardens surprisingly are largely intact

paths that were a metre under water yesterday have emerged soggy but already walkable

the sudden deluge was just too much for many of the stately 100+foot gums, already struggling after 15 years of severe drought.
That is just one massive tree that Nadie

is standing near [ even that bit to the extreme right of the pic that looks like it might belong to another tree - and the root ball is just to the right of the large standing tree left of frame ] and I couldn't fit it all into the picture without losing The Girl completely.

For a direct comparison, refer back to the last image in yesterday's post, The huge bole on this tree below the Macmanus Road bridge is easily recognisable in both shots.

and it's all happened before

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