Sunday, September 26, 2010

and it all started so well

It was an absolutely perfect Spring morning

The obvious response was a leisurely breakfast in the garden with David, and the full complement of domestic retainers for company.
Breakfast over, I could have perhaps headed back inside and done dishes, made beds, dealt with laundry and the rest of the never-ending roster of housework but ... come on ... Sunday morning, sun shining, bees buzzing, birds singing, and the garden chiming in with its own siren song, so I bowed to the inevitable, slapped on a hat and the 30+ sunscreen, unfurled the garden umbrella and settled in with the current book.

Reading-in-the-sun segued into an hour or so of weed pulling

later there was even knitting

but then for some totally inexplicable reason, I decided to get to grips with the long put off and increasingly pressing need to find the septic tank, based on the incredibly vague location supplied by the previous owner [and I'm just hoping it's not now buried under a flower garden ]

So here are the things I learned today:

dawgs are just as attracted to quilts in progress as the cats

... but I already knew that

umm ... how about

People who have spent a goodly part of the day swinging a pick-axe probably shouldn't attempt after dinner free-motion quilting [ with or without said canine accompaniment ]


If my surgeon didn't want me to swing a pickaxe, he should have added that to the list of banned activities. Like splitting firewood
Strangely I don't think this even occurred to him.

So that was my day.

My agenda now involves hot shower, a wheat pack, mega doses of magnesium, bed, book, decaf mochachino, and quite possibly large doses of industrial strength painkillers... and porridge [ oatmeal ] ... I have a sudden and overwhelming need for porridge.
So if you'll please excuse me, I have a date with the microwave.


Nadie said...

Love the photo of Fred and George up the garden path, very picturesque!

Alwen said...

Aw, Bear looks so cute! Ajax gives me the same look from the couch he's not supposed to be on.

crazyhaberdasher said...

.. with Nadie! .. very picturesque!
Somehow this also conjures up those delightful embroideries ... you know, those crinoline ladies in their lovely, serene, colourful cottage gardens.. er .. minus the ducks.

Doris Sturm said...

Wow - what a busy day you had! I like your choice of going outside with a book - that was smart and ultimately much more therapeutical and memorable than the monotenous and never-ending housework routine!