Monday, September 13, 2010

Now please don't faint

but we have actual knitting content - finished knitting content -today
So all appearances to the contrary, I haven't just been beavering away on the wedding quilt.

There have been whole chunks of time when the annoying-thing-that-is-currently going-on-with-my-right-eye [ to whit: the vitreous is shrinking and pulling on the retina, and while the electric flashes have stopped, I have a whole new bunch of floaters which have an annoying habit of meandering across my field of vision when I'm attempting death defying feats of precision patchwork ] has hampered any quilting progress
... and that just about takes the prize for most run-on sentence of 2010

So I've been using the down time - because heaven forfend that I could just sit and do nothing - to plug away on ...

wait for it ... wait for it ...

you'll never guess

another shawl
Practicality [ nice neutral go-with-everything silver grey that won't show the cat hair like the black Brangian does ]
improvised pattern
August 28 - September 12
needles - 6mm KP Harmony
yarn - 442 metres of my handspun alpaca from this year's Tour de Fleece [ WPI between 18 and 23, so what's that Tara ? light fingering or laceweight ? ]

... and I apologise for the pix. The shawl's currently blocking /drying on the spare spare bed - because you know what's occupying the actual spare bed - and a pale grey shawl just doesn't photograph well on a mauvey blue quilt

and I fiercely refute any and all implications that I might be stuck in a rut
this is only the 11th lace shawl this year, and anyway, the first one doesn't really count because that was started back in 2006!
so it's really only the 10th
which was my goal for the year
10 shawls in 2010

and anyway, now that I think about it, the Seamist Stole is being worn more as a scarf than a stole, so it's really only 9
and I need something to take to knitting group tomorrow at Purl's Palace
I better go cast on another one


Rose Red said...

Yes, you must simply cast on another shawl! Your practicality shawl looks gorgeous - love the lace pattern.

gayle said...

Very very pretty. And I wouldn't worry too much about the actual shawl count - at the rate you're knitting them, you'll have 20 by the end of the year...
(You knit in your sleep, don't you?)

sez said...

very beautiful :) and anything finished or even remotely going is a good thing in my book :)