Monday, September 27, 2010

It's not ALWAYS about the quilting

current travel knitting:
gee whiz, what a surprise ... it's a SHAWL!

pattern - improvised
yarn - mystery 8ply machine wash wool of some sort, from the magic back room of special discounted delights at BWM.
A trip through Dorothy-the-Dinosaur in a nice hot bath of Landscapes Clematis, Sarsarilla, Wild Rasberry and Night Blue has ensured that it now bears absolutely no resemblance to its original cream shade.
needles - 5.5 mm KP Harmony


ozjane said...

Lovely colors in that one.
Do you sit in front of the fire each night with a new shawl on? LOL

Allison said...

Great dyeing. And lovely design. Looks like it will be nice and warm -- just in time for summer??

Dorothy-the-Dinosaur? Have we met her and I've just forgotten?

catsmum said...

Hi Allison - Dorothy is my 'for dyeing only ' original microwave who lives in the carport. She's 30+ years old and enormous ... so perfect for dyeing.
and Ms Jane ? This one's theoretically for Nadie which will be her 2nd for the year [ and there was that pink one that went to a certain mutual friend of ours in Tassie and the brown one made with YOUR largesse that went to DIL ] but yes I guess I could wear a different colour for each night of the week LOL

Alwen said...

Purple shawl! Want! Want!

(Well, the quilt, too, but you can take that as read.)

Doris Sturm said...

This is very pretty! Lovely pattern and color!